The consortium has the central aim to deliver a number of multiple target assays (Defra biosecurity chip) altogether covering 600+ known viruses of vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, including zoonotic viruses. These assays will be made available to government agencies for their own internal uses. A validated probe database will be available for use by other groups and government agencies. The consortium is also committed to ensuring the wider knowledge transfer of the project's outputs through the identification and completion of appropriate commercial exploitation partnerships.

The consortium will work through the partner's respective technology transfer or business development offices to pursue commercialisation of the project's outputs. The consortium will also be collaborating with the InterAct partnership (www.interactpartnership.co.uk) to ensure appropriate synergies are captured with other diagnostic exploitation opportunities being progressed under InterAct.

The consortium welcomes interest from commercial organisations who wish to collaborate in the exploitation of the project's output. If you have an interest in working with the consortium please contact: Dr Louise Byass, IP Manager, CSL.